500X means travelling perfectly at ease, with technology that makes driving more fun and life on board simpler.

Drive Mood Selector

By using the command placed on the central transmission tunnel, one can select one of the three available «moods» – Auto, Sport, All-Weather – that optimize the driving dynamic by adapting the vehicle’s behaviour.

Uconnect 7" HD Live

Who is your best driving ally? Your 500X. With Uconnect TM HD LIVE as standard equipment, answering calls, exchanging messages, choosing playlists and setting the best route is just a quick tap away.


For total visibility
“Blind spots» are no longer a problem, because the system checks the presence of vehicles in the most critical areas and warns you with a blinking light on the outer rearview mirrors. The same thing happens when reversing if a car approaches from the side.


To keep to the right lane
The system comes into action if you start changing lanes inadvertently (without using your indicators). The visual indication on the instrument panel is accompanied by greater resistance of the steering to the change in direction.