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  1. How can I find out the price of a Fiat?

    As you configure your car, you’ll see the total price of your chosen model and options. Click on the finance calculator button to see a live finance quote, including what your deposit and monthly payments would be. If you’d like to know more about finance or the price of a particular Fiat model, speak to your local Fiat dealer, or chat to one of our advisers live online (8am–5pm, Monday to Friday and 10pm–4pm Saturday).
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  2. I don’t have a large initial deposit. Is Fiat i-Deal the right way to go?

    Fiat i-Deal will suit you if you don't have a large deposit to finance part of your car, because you need only put a small sum in at the start. Your monthly payments are kept low, because of the final 'lump sum', which is covered by the value of your car at the end of the agreement.
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  3. I’ve opted out of my company car scheme and now have a monthly vehicle allowance instead. Which plan would suit me?

    Fiat i-Deal or Personal Contract Hire are both suitable for those leaving traditional company car schemes. Your allowance will meet your monthly payments, but you also enjoy the advantages of protection from depreciation and you can still simply hand the car back at the end of your agreement if you want, and switch to driving the latest model.
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  4. I’ve seen the word equity used when talking about Fiat i-Deal. Can you explain?

    In a Fiat i-Deal agreement, the final payment on your car is an estimate of its value at the end of the agreement. This is known as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value. If the actual value of your car exceeds this figure at the end of your agreement, then this extra money is known as equity. You can use this as a deposit on your next car. We always try to keep the final payment lower than a typical trade-in value, to increase the possibility of you enjoying this equity, but it should be viewed as a bonus rather than a certainty.
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  5. If I want to hand my vehicle back, it must be in good condition. What does this really mean?

    Of course, good condition allows for the normal wear and tear of daily use. Only significant damage or abuse would cause a problem when you come to return your car. It’s always a good idea to keep your car in the best condition you can.
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  6. What happens if I want to get out of my finance agreement?

    If at any point you decide you would prefer to end your agreement early, simply contact us. For further information, you can also talk to your Fiat dealer.
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  7. What happens if my car is written off or stolen during the term of my agreement?

    This is a common concern, because in these circumstances there may be a shortfall between the insurance payout and the outstanding balance of your finance agreement. There are a number of innovative plans that are designed to protect you in these circumstances, and get you back into the car of your choice without delay.
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  8. Where can I find Fiat’s latest promotions?

    We have some fantastic promotions available on our models. Click here to find out what our current offers are.
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  9. With Fiat i-Deal there is a fixed mileage. What happens if I exceed my fixed limit?

    If you choose to hand your vehicle back at the end of your agreement, and you have exceeded your agreed annual mileage, then there will be an excess charge to pay. It is calculated on a pence-per-mile basis, and this figure will be shown on your finance quotation. When deciding your fixed mileage figure, it is always best to overestimate slightly for total peace of mind. If you do not cover as many miles as you estimated, your vehicle will be worth more, and you will have a greater chance of equity at the end of the agreement.
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